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About SCHEMA Consulting

Since 1997, San Diego, California based SCHEMA Internet Strategies Consulting™ has been providing custom informational and eCommerce website and web page solutions. SCHEMA's niche clientele are small to medium sized businesses on a national and local level. SCHEMA consultants are committed to providing said clients with the highest quality customer service possible whilst striving for an immediate delivery of their unique 100% custom, theme driven website and web pages.

SCHEMA effectively manages your website so that you can effectively manage your business. We keep client numbers low so that individual attention & customer service will exceed the clients expectations. This smaller size allows us to be responsive and accountable. We work hard to add value to your business.

SCHEMA staff members have extensive experience working on co-promotional branding, marketing and web based initiatives, projects and solutions with known corporations such as Intel®, Qualcomm®, Panasonic®, Costco®, and SBC Communications®.

In addition, our work has been seen on television commercials, TechTV, MTV, in PC World Magazine (as well as other industry select trade magazines), and the largest consumer electronics show, COMDEX. Due to a high profile website designed, built and maintained by SCHEMA, we have also been mentioned in or interviewed by The Associated Press, The Washington Post, and Outside Magazine. Lastly, our design and coding work on yet another large eCommerce website earned 99% Usability and 90% Performance scores from the Safe Shopping Network!

SCHEMA is proactive with its clients. When we see an opportunity to improve or market the site that would be beneficial to the client, we recommend and provide options. We do not just stop at the end of the site build.... we continue to suggest strategies.

SCHEMA designers do not limit our customers to a predetermined selection of templates, colors, layouts, or numbers of images or pages. Whether your business website needs to be a single splash page announcement or 100 pages; whether it requires limited graphics or large amounts of animated graphics; whether it will have 100 or 1000 unique daily visitors; or whether it needs a custom logo based on established business branding trends, SCHEMA can meet your custom website and web page needs in a quick and timely manner that has been proven to be magnitudes faster and with less red tape than larger firms that deliver lessor detailed and customized work. At SCHEMA, we build every new website from the ground up and provide personalized service to each client; custom designed with your business in mind. We work diligently to create a theme driven website (i.e., a unique website that has a look and feel that is complementary to your product or service and visually relative to what you offer).

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