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What Our Clients Say

I have worked with Schema Consulting on several large projects over the years, most recently on an site overhaul to improve our SEO presence. Kevin made significant improvements to our website structure, always exercising strong technical, SEO and usability skills. I know, with Kevin, that the job will get done as effectively as possible and often before the deadline hits. He looks at the project from several different angles so nothing gets overlooked, and he doesn’t promise anything he can’t deliver. I have no doubt we’ll work together again in the future.

Awesome work! Thanks for cranking that out so fast.

It looks great Kevin. Nice work.

It looks great, such a big improvement already.

Looks awesome so far! Thanks kev. Great work.

I want you do know that you are completely doing amazing things today. Day in and day out your contributions are so appreciated!

YES! I LOVE IT AND YOU!!! Perfect!

You rock!! Thank you!!!!

You are brilliant!! Thank you again for making my day!

This is the second website that SCHEMA Consulting built for me. After my experience the first time, I was 100% confident that SCHEMA would take my business to the next level with a new web 2.0 site. I couldn't be happier with the end result, and from day one, traffic is increasing. Not only is SCHEMA excellent artistically and functionally in building a site, I have twice experienced how well our website indexes organically.

Awesome work as usual!!!! Thank you very much. The pictures on the Homepage and how they rotate is fantastic. I also like the touch of how you added light to the fixture in upper left when the mouse rolls over.

Your fast. Thanks.

Trademark Interactive

We couldn't be more pleased with the high quality work SCHEMA produced for us!

They have a passion for detail and are clearly commited to exceeding their customers expectations.

It’s stunning! Clean, gorgeous, and with so many neat tricks and cool graphics!!!

I could look at it all day!

Thank you, you REALLY delivered,

Vetericyn (Innovacyn & Puracyn)

You guys kick butt!! We had the Boad of Directors meeting today and everyone absolutely loved the websites. They were so impressed that we got the deal to do the marketing and sales for Puracyn!

Great job and thank you for all your help!

I cannot put into words how much I love it. Honestly I couldn't have asked you to do anything different. It's absolutely AMAZING, and you rock!!! How did you get this all up and going in a week?? I am so happy you have no idea!!!


Rarely does one experience such professionalism, artistic ability, efficiency and industry knowledge all in one company. SCHEMA took an idea and created a jaw dropping site that was more than what we could have ever expected in a matter of a few days. From conception to launch, we were given nothing but excellence. We would absolutely recommend SCHEMA! I am the envy of the USAloe Community.

...great start, beautiful work, you're very talented.'re amazing. I can already see changes.

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